List of merchants


995 des Prés-Verts Blvd., unit 130
La Prairie (Quebec) J5R 0R3
Tel.: 450-659-4400

Stimulate your senses and enjoy the best Lebanese cuisine in Montreal. If you want to take away, eat on the spot or order a delivery for a family dinner or an office meeting, you will find an Amir near you.

Fresh and full of flavour – this is Lebanese cuisine with a modern twist.

Monday to Wednesday 11h00 - 21h30
Thursday and Friday 11h00 - 22h00
Saturday and Sunday 11h00 - 21h30

Armoires Cuisines Action

860 des Prés-Verts Blvd., unit 130
La Prairie (Quebec) J5R 0J2
Tel.: 579-221-0164

Whether for the pleasure of living there, the opportunity to admire a kitchen decor that we are proud of or the pleasure of knowing that we have chosen a product of excellent quality, everything is designed to enjoy an experience nice and advantageous. At Armoires Cuisines Action, we leave nothing to chance to give you complete satisfaction.

Monday to Wednesday 9h00 - 18h00
Thursday and Friday 9h00 - 21h00
Saturday and Sunday 9h00 - 16h00

Ben & Florentine

950 des Prés-Verts Blvd., unit 100
La Prairie (Quebec) J5R 0R3
Tel.: 450-444-4555

The story goes that Ben’s adoration for hearty cooking and Florentine’s passion for healthy food has allowed them to live a whole life in harmony. Their recipe: love, happiness and good food.

Together they created memorable dishes. They both had a “taste for good food”. Their story inspired our concept. Their dedication to quality, their loyalty to family values and their teamwork are at the heart of our mission. They continue to guide us every day.

This is what we call the legacy of Ben & Florentine.

Monday to Saturday 6h00 - 15h00
Sunday 7h00 - 15h00


965 des Prés-Verts Blvd,
La Prairie (Québec) J5R 0R3
Tél.: 450-874-4444

Our expertise in chicken roasting ensures delicious meals every time. The high-quality, grain-fed chicken is roasted to perfection according to a three-hour slow cooking technique. Benny&Co. is the unparalleled choice for true connoisseurs of roast chicken.

All week 10h00 - 22h00

Blackburn Athletics

950 Prés-Verts Blvd, suite 130
La Prairie (Québec) J5R 0R3
Tél.: 514-943-7465

Blackburn Athletics is a contract-free training centre that specializes in “BurnFit” group classes. Our training is adapted for all levels and age groups of our athletes.

We are a sports complex that allows its clients to surpass themselves physically and mentally, to improve their self-confidence, while interacting with incredible people!

For the course schedule, please visit Blackburn Athletics.

Monday and Tuesday 8h00 - 21h00
Wednesday 6h45 - 21h00
Thursday 8h00 - 21h00
Friday 8h00 - 18h10
Saturday and Sunday 8h00 - 0h00


950 des Prés-Verts blvd, unit 160
La Prairie (Québec) J5R 0R3
Tél.: 450-280-0034

After 32 years of existence, Chico has succeeded in expanding to form a chain of more than 16 stores, while still retaining the friendly, family atmosphere of a neighbourhood pet store, the principal value of the company. Chico pet shops form the largest chain of complete pet stores in Quebec. They offer pet owners a full range of food, accessories, toys and services to take care of your dog, cat, bird, fish, reptile or rodent. You can count on Chico to stock the most reputable brands at very competitive prices!

Monday to Wednesday 10h00 - 18h00
Thursday and Friday 10h00 - 21h00
Saturday 9h00 - 17h00
Sunday 10h00 - 17h00

D&P Marchand Inc.

950 des Prés-Verts Blvd.,
La Prairie (Québec) J5R 0R3
Tél.: 450-638-2026

Determination and Passion could have easily been the meaning of the letters in D & P Marchand Inc., a name that has been synonymous with the window and door industry since 1979. However, they are short for Daniel and Pierre, the founders of the company. Having been leaders in the window and door industry for many years, DP Marchand’s expert advisors will be able to guide you throughout your purchase.

Monday to Wednesday 0h09 - 0h17
Thursday to Friday 0h09 - 0h21
Saturday 0h09 - 0h17

Dairy Queen

985 des Prés-Verts Blvd., unit 100
La Prairie (Quebec) J5R 0R3
Tel.: 514-656-8036

Dairy Queen is a franchise that has been exist since 1940 and offers frozen and hot products! Open all year long, La Prairie’s location has about 15 indoor spaces and also offers car service and an outdoor terrace. In addition to frozen products like the famous blizzard that offers a new flavor every month and famous DQ cakes for all occasions (parties, celebrations, birthdays and more), it’s possible to enjoy hot sandwiches and hot dogs. Welcome to all!

All week 11h00 - 22h00


995 Boulevard des Prés-Verts,
La Prairie (Québec) J5R 0R3
Tél.: 450-465-3009

Through its commitment to its customers, its franchisees and the environment, the Groupe Daoust/Forget has transformed the dry-cleaning industry landscape by having a 100% environmentally-friendly solution: the Professional Wet Cleaning. With more than 120 workshops in operation, we have become the largest network of dry cleaning shops in North America. With more than 30 years of experience, in the world of dry cleaning franchising, we are, without pretense, recognized as the best franchisor in this category.

Monday to Friday 8h00 - 19h00
Saturday 8h00 - 17h00
Sunday Closed

Daycare À Chacun son histoire

950 des Prés-Verts Blvd, unit 160
LaPrairie (Québec) J5R 0R3
514 757-5929

”À Chacun son Histoire”, is more than just a daycare centres! We have created a unique environment and pedagogy where it is not up to the child to adapt to the daycare but to the daycare to adapt to the child.

Monday to Friday 6h45 - 18h00


890 des Prés-Verts Blvd.
La Prairie (Quebec) J5R 0R3
Tel.: 450-659-4891

We offer a large selection of everyday consumer products, general merchandise and seasonal items at attractive prices in conveniently located stores in metropolitan areas, mid-sized cities and small towns.

Monday to Friday 11h00 - 21h00
Saturday and Sunday 10h00 - 21h00

Jacques Cartier Pizza

985 des Prés-Verts Blvd,
La Prairie (Québec) J5R 0R3
Tél.: 450-444-6666

Come and taste our authentic pizza, our tasty pasta, our famous poutines and our submarines. The consumer’s choice for 20 years has been the quality of the ingredients, the fresh pizza pasta of the day and the pizza sauce prepared with tomatoes imported directly from Italy, which have made its reputation!

All week 11h00 - 22h00

Jean Coutu

900 des Prés-Verts Blvd.
La Prairie (Quebec) J5R 0R3
Tel.: 450 659-4906

The Jean Coutu Group, a subsidiary of METRO Inc., oversees METRO’s pharmaceutical operations and provides franchise stores with a range of professional and technical support services, as well as supply, warehousing and delivery of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products and consumer goods.

Monday to Friday 9h00 - 22h00
Saturday 9h00 - 21h00
Sunday 10h00 - 21h00


985 Boulevard des Prés-Verts, suite 110
La Prairie (Québec) J5R 0R3
Tél.: 450-619-9430

We are proud to welcome you to a unique and friendly concept that highlights tartar. We are dedicated to offering you original tartars in an unpretentious universe. By choosing us, you allow us to live our passion and encourage a team of young talents who deserve to be discovered.

Monday Closed
Tuesday to Thursday 11h00 - 21h00
Friday 11h00 - 22h00
Saturday 17h00 - 22h00
Sunday 17h00 - 21h00


870 des Prés-Verts blvd,
La Prairie (Québec) J5R 0j2
Tél.: 450-282-0161

Equipped with one of the largest showrooms in Quebec, we offer thousands of flooring options in-store. The vast selection makes it possible to feel and appreciate the materials in order to make an informed choice. Come and meet our specialists to discover our latest products at the cutting edge of technology. With the main objective of surpassing your expectations, our team will advise you in the selection the appropriate floorings for your style and budget.

Monday to Wednesday 9h30 - 18h00
Thursday and Friday 9h30 - 21h00
Saturday 9h30 - 17h00

Parkland - Esso

995 des Prés-Verts Blvd., unit 110
La Prairie (Quebec) J5R 0R3
Tel.: 450-659-5211

An industry leader in applying technology and innovation to responsibly develop Canada’s energy resources. As Canada’s largest petroleum refiner, a major producer of crude oil and natural gas, a key petrochemical producer and a leading fuels marketer from coast to coast, our company is committed to high standards across all areas of our business.

Open 24

Scotia Bank

1010 des Prés-Verts Blvd.
La Prairie (Quebec) J5R 0R3
Tel.: 450-619-2200

Scotiabank is a leading multinational financial services provider and Canada’s most international bank. We provide innovative financial products and services to individuals, small and medium-size businesses, corporations and governments across Canada and around the world.

Monday to Wednesday 9h30 - 17h00
Thursday 9h30 - 20h00
Friday 9h30 - 18h00
Saturday 9h30 - 16h00
Sunday Closed

Super C

1000 des Prés-Verts Blvd.
La Prairie (Quebec) J5R 0R3
Tel.: 450-444-0406

A leader in the discount supermarket segment in Quebec, Super C employs more than 6,000 people and operates 97 stores. It is part of the METRO INC. division founded in 1947, which is the only large Canadian food distribution company to be headquartered in Quebec. METRO INC. and its affiliated merchants and franchisees employ more than 65,000 people in Quebec and Ontario.

Everyday 8h00 - 22h00

Thaï Zone

985 des Prés-Verts blvd.,
La Prairie (Québec) J5R 0R3
Tél.: 450-444-4554

Founded in 2007, Thaïzone is one of the largest Thai fast food chains. It offers a wide selection of flavorful meals made from fresh products and best quality ingredients. To add to your experience, every order is custom made according to your taste and offered at a competitive price! Thaïzone now numbers more than 40 restaurants in many cities in Quebec, including our 3 ThaïzoneMobile food trucks that criss cross the province. Each Thaïzone has a modern yet welcoming design with open kitchens that let you discover the cooking secrets that make our food so good. It is the perfect place to share and enjoy unique Thai dishes with friends and family!

All week 11h00 - 22h00

Tim Hortons

995 Boulevard des Prés-Verts, suite 100
LaPrairie (Québec) J5R 0R3
Tél.: 450-444-4308

At Tim Hortons, we’re more than just Canada’s largest quick-serve restaurant. We’re proud to be part of Canadians’ lives, every day.

Open 24

VY nail bar

950 Boulevard des Prés-Verts, suite 110
La Prairie (Québec) J5R 0R3
Tél.: 450-984-3939

I am proud to offer you a high quality and trendy nail salon that offers a wide range of complementary services. Located in the heart of the Destination La Prairie shopping centre, it is the ideal place to relax and refresh yourself. Come and treat yourself with friends or family.

Monday to Wesnesday 10h00 - 18h00
Thursday to Friday 10h00 - 21h00
Saturday and Sunday 10h00 - 17h00